Polyester fabrics

Polyester is a demanding type of material. That is why printing on polyester and all kinds of blends with a predominant composition of polyester is possible using only one technique - the sublimation technique. Sublimation is the process of changing from solid to gas. Printing merges with polyester after heating it to a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. The sublimation technique can be used in two ways: place the ink directly on the material using a digital printer or use transfer printing that allows printing on polyester using a flat press or calender. Sublimation is an excellent method of placing dyes both on fabrics containing polyester and on ceramics covered with this material. The printed polyester obtained in this way will retain high quality, it will not argue, will not crack or fade. It is worth remembering that the polyester material on which we want to print should have light colors, and in the case of dishes, the print will not include protruding parts, e.g. a mug handle. With these tips in mind, you will surely get a great result: polyester printed! The sublimation technique also requires the use of printed lycra. It is a synthetic material and obtaining a good-quality print is possible only when using high temperatures. However, thanks to this, the printed lycra will obtain a permanent color, which, similar to the case of printed polyester, will delight us with its range of colors.

Printing on polyester

druk na tkaninach i dzianinach poliestrowych

Oxford waterproof

  • Composition100% polyester
  • Grammage190 g/m2
    Grams per m2 of the fabric
  • max. print width150 cm
  • Delicate laundering
    Should be washed below 30°C using a delicate fabric program and the slowest spin cycle - 400 rpm max. Do not use bleach and other strong stain removal or cleaning products. We recommend traditional drying, in a horizontal position, do not use tumble dryers.
  • More on laundering

The fabric is very durable and resistant to abrasion, pulling and tearing. The fabric is waterproof. It does not contain harmful elements nor heavy metals. Perfect for beach bags, backpacks, hip bags, sports bags, muffs and covers for prams, animal beds, workwear, sports clothing (e.g. jackets, vests), first aid kits, trunk liner or spare wheel covers.

Price of printed fabric

  • Pattern from Our Gallery9,50 €/LM
  • Your Pattern8,55 €/LM

    *when you upload your own design

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