Our printing fabrics

  • How to wash Kuka fabrics?

    KUKA fabrics need to be treated with care ;)

    Here are some tips to follow in order to enjoy their quality and uniqueness for as long as possible.


    -should not be rubbed together when wet

    -should not be wrung out

    (this is due to the print technology that we use - the print is most likely to be damaged on folds when wet)

     During the first laundry the excess of ink (not soaked during printing or fixation) is being rinsed. It may affect the initial look of the print.

    The most vulnerable to washing large areas are printed in dark colors.

     The best way for KUKA fabrics is dry-cleaning.


    - machine wash up to 40 C/ 104 F

    - gentle cycle

    - spinning: max 400 rpm

     - do not bleach

    - do not use  any decolourisers, strong stain removers (ani piorących??? – tak przetłumaczyć?) 
    - do not tumble dry

    For the best effect use dry-cleaning. This way fabrics will preserve their quality and uniqueness. 


    We recommend two types of dry-cleaning: 

    1. Water wash in the gentle cycle (lower temperature). 
    This one is the safest for KUKA fabrics due to the lower level of spinning. 

    2. Chemical wash in tetrachloroethylene in the gentle cycle (lower temperature). 
    The effect is similar to the water wash.

  • What is fabric grammage?

    Grammage describes how heavy a piece of the fabric is; it’s usually described by grams per square meter.

    You could say that it tells us how heavy a square meter of a given fabric is.

  • Are your fabrics safe for children?

    Yes, our fabrics are safe for children.

    Our fabrics are certified by Oeko-tex, a world-leading safety certificate for textile products.

    Products that receive this certificate are free of harmful substances in a concentration that could have a negative effect on human health like pesticides, chlorophenols, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes, banned nitrogen-based dyes and extracted heavy metals.

    We also use water-based inks that are non-toxic. And our kids use the fabrics printed at KUKA.

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