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About us


KUKA is a place where we print a variety of designs on various materials. Both created by you and by designers that we collaborate with. We have chosen a few kinds of fabrics from verified Polish producers, one of a kind printing machine and the best eco-friendly inks. We want KUKA to become the company that brings your ideas to life. It doesn’t matter if you need half a meter of fabric for a pillow, blanket or a hat, or you have your own business and you need to print a whole bale of fabric, that you’ll use to make a beautifully unique collection of dresses. We’ll use our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goal.

About us


In 2017 KUKA begins a new chapter in its history - it changes its owners and moves from Warsaw to a charming town in Kashubia – to Kartuzy. With the new owners, but still with the same passion for the creative use of colorful fabrics (and other materials :) ), company continues its growth. We try to keep up with your ideas and suggestions and develop in the direction given by group of people making wonderful things.

About us


KUKA was established in 2014 by Maria and Agnieszka. In search of original clothes for their children and for themselves, they decided to do something their own way :-) And that’s how KUKA was created! Agnieszka and Maria managed to create an innovative brand and gather a community of great people who shared their passion.

About us


In fact, KUKA works, grows, inspires and is inspired not thanks to us, but thanks to you - extraordinary people with amazing ideas! We would like KUKA to become a platform for enthusiasts of colorful designs and creative use of them!Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our inspiration section or post a message on one of our social media profiles. If you have visited this site and you are reading this text, know that it is our goal to help you bringing to life even your wildest ideas. If you have any doubts whether you can accomplish your project or a dream contact us and we will try to advise you something :)

Do not hesitate! Create and share what you have created - join us! Best of luck!

About us

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Call us: +48 775 50 79 99