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How do I become a designer?

  • How can I earn money as a designer at ku-ka.pl?

    In order to start you have to sign up, accept our terms and conditions and create your designers account. Then send us three designs and wait for us to review them. You’ll find the details here.

  • How much can I earn off my designs?

    You will earn 10% of the value of each order with your design. For example, if a customer orders 5 linear meters worth 55 PLN (5x55 PLN=275 PLN) you will get 27,5 PLN.

  • How can I promote my designs?

    We will create your own subpage on our website where people will be able to find short description about you and your work, your logo, your website link and, of course, your designs. Each customer looking for a design will be able to browse through your whole artistic collection.

  • Do I keep the copyrights for my projects?

    Yes. The copyrights to your projects are yours and yours alone :)

  • Do I need to order my patterns on the fabric in the service kuka?

    No, you don’t have to order your designs on sample materials.

    But it is a good practice :-)

    Ordering a sample or a coupon will let you see if the pattern on the fabric comes out exactly as you designed: colours and shades, but also the size of the design and particular elements.