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Creating designs, graphic files, technology, colors

  • What types of files do you support?

    To get the best quality we recommend to use TIFF files and resolution of at least 150 DPI.

    We also accept JPEG, BMP, GIF and JPG file formats.

    If the file is too large and you send it to us via e-mail we also accept PDF. 

  • How big whould the file be?

    25 MB. If your file is bigger, send it to us through the file-sharing application like WeTransfer and email us at [email protected] . Make sure to let us know how you’d like us to print it.

  • Do the colors of printed patterns look different on the material than on my computer screen?

    The colours might look different on the printed material for a few reasons.

    Settings of your monitor, particularly its calibration affects on how you see colours. You can use specific tools to adjust the calibration of your monitor.

    The fabrics that we use have different shades of white, and are not like a piece of paper - they are more transparent. That’s why the colours don’t look the same printed as on paper or a computer screen – usually they are a bit lighter. The fabric will not reach deep black - black colour will be more graphite - dark gray. Therefore, if you are planning larger order - first order a sample or a coupon, to see how your graphic design looks printed on a fabric.

    KUKA is a company that enables you to create a unique product with your own design. The creating process is entirely in your hands. That also means that we don’t interfere with the image file that you send us. That’s why we encourage you to order a sample or a coupon, to make sure your design looks good on a given material.

  • What tools do you recommend to create designs?

    Here  you’ll find the tools that will help you create your design.

  • What kind of printing technology do you use?

    We use digital printing.

    For printing on fabrics we use water-based pigment inks. During the printing we do not use additional water, which makes the printing process eco-friendly. We use heating for ink fixation without using any additional chemicals.

    For printing on wallpapers, posters and paper we use latex technique – inks 100% based on eco-friendly water-based components. It is the only ink that can be used both for outdoors and indoors purposes. 

    It all makes our technology safe for people and safe for environment.

  • Can you print photographs?

    Definitely! Printing photographs on a fabric, wallpaper or a poster is not a problem for us.