Order a unique bedding panel or a blanket panel. Bedding panels are available in 90x120 cm, 75x100 cm, 100x135 cm and 150x200 cm sizes. The panel is custom made We can use following types of fabrics to make it: nansuk, noris, satin, chino, bamboo. All fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified. You can find the detailed descriptions of fabrics on our ‘Fabrics’ page. You can also order a finished case meaning that you will receive a ready sewed product with the one-side print (the other side of bedding/blanket case will be made from the same chosen type of fabric in white colour) with hidden zipper. Additionally, it is possible to personalize the selected panel (eg. adding a child's name), at an additional cost. To arrange the order details, please use the comments while placing an order.

Bedding blanket panels

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